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Fic: Strangers In a Car

Title: Strangers In a Car
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: milchschmidte
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,906
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Rimming, Attempted Assault, Omega!Castiel, Alpha!Dean, Teenage!Castiel (nineteen), Mpreg mentions.
Summary: When Castiel’s family won’t let him take heat suppressants, he runs away from home. The last thing he wants to do is end up barefoot and pregnant, mated to the first Alpha he meets.

Hitchhiking, he gets into the car of one Dean Winchester, an Alpha unlike anyone Castiel has ever met. It’s only supposed to be a lift to the next big city but then Castiel goes into a sudden and unexpected heat.

Author's Note: A huge thank you to huggystiel for the gorgeous artwork you see here.
And thank you to stormstiel, angelus-a-gratia-exciderunt, and nephilicious who between them managed got my first draft to sparkle.
The title comes from the song 'Strangers in a Car' by Marc Cohn.


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